Who is OnlineNIC?

Poking around on the net or looking up your domain name on whois services may sometimes indicate your domain name is registered through OnlineNIC. Although Winthrop Web Services registers and manages your domain name through our automated system OnlineNIC is our sponsoring registrar.  We have a sponsoring registrar for 2 reasons. #1 We are just not big enough like Godaddy or 1&1 who manages millions of websites and your just a peon to them.  Winthrop Web Services keeps our clientele to a manageable level to keep it personal and focus on local websites that we can get behind to support. To be your own registrar you need to put up lots of dough and sell domains like crazy! We are crazy but not that crazy... #2 Back-up if for any reason something happens to us, all our clients will already have their domain names in place with OnlineNIC as part of our Disaster Recovery Plan. We hope this clears up some confusion people were having. 

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