3 Examples of Restaurant Partnerships

This article will give you 3 examples of restaurant partnerships you should pursue.  In today’s rush to new technologies, restaurants of all types and sizes are increasingly trying – and needing – to humanize their image to better connect with more customers. Since today’s consumers are growing numb to impersonal ads, leading brands are investing more than ever in a local restaurant marketing strategy at the community level. For any restaurant, initiating the right strategic partnerships can drive consumer trust and loyalty, and enhance brand awareness on the local level where it counts.

Before we go on to the examples of restaurant partnerships we keep a few key questions to keep in mind:

  • Who do you want to reach?

Consider your restaurant’s target audience. It may not necessarily be whom you already sell to, but whom you want to start targeting more often. Approach organizations that have access to this target market in order to engage with the right type of consumers for you.

  • What do you want to achieve?

Keep in mind your key business goals and find a partner who can help you meet your needs. Different partners bring different opportunities and limitations. If your restaurants are in need of brand awareness, look for a sponsorship that allows you to display your logo. If you are launching a new product, find an event partnership that enables you to showcase your product.

  • Is there long-term potential? 

Be in it for the long haul. And look for a partner who is as well. Ideally, you want a local partner to have similar goals and timelines to your own. Creating a win-win situation will pave the way for a healthy long-term relationship. Often times, a one time partnership engagement will not reap direct return on investment. Greater benefits come from continued partnership involvements that more sustainably build brand awareness and community networking opportunities.


3 Examples of Restaurant Partnerships


1.  Chamber of Commerce
Join your local Chamber of Commerce.  This membership can be a two way street with many ways to increase your community standing. Ask your chamber if your restaurant can host networking breakfast or lunches see if they will trade the membership fee for a fundraising event you host  for them.  Sponsoring chamber events let other business owners know you support them and the community in turn they will support you and build new partnerships with businesses you didn’t know before.  Ask your local chamber of commerce for other options they have for restaurants in your city.

2.  Schools or Community Colleges

Schools can be a powerful way to reach the younger audience who often go out to socialize with friends and looking for a good place to eat.  Sponsoring sporting events can be a great way to get your logo in front of lots of people increasing brand awareness.  Creating an “after game special” promoted at the event will ensure you fill up your seats after every game.

3.  Non- Profit Organizations
Partnering with a non profit organization or special cause can help your restaurant’s brand image stand out to your community.  Many non-profits are looking for partners for fund raising campaigns. This is not a one way road because non-profits have powerful PR with reaches that can put your brand on radio and in front of thousands at big events.  This partnership can be more powerful and more economical than approaching these avenues independently.  Ask your local or even national non-profit organization what ways you can help each other.

Get out there and make new relationships, create partnerships and grow your restaurant!