Maps tell stories of the world around us

Custom Maps – Interactive Maps – Printed Maps – Walking Tours

Our solutions range from

 Custom map overlays for your website

 Mobile tours with QR code & NFC integration

 Touch screen maps for wayfinding

 Distribution maps for wholesale & manufacturing

 Map corrections for major online providers

 Geocaching or wide area scavenger hunts

Map delivery via RFID tags or public Wi-Fi

Explorer the world around you

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Put your map where your phone is

We create mapping solutions for the mobile world

We work with many apps and providers such as

  • Google Maps, MapQuest, Open Maps
  • Wikitude Augmented Reality Mobile App
  • Map My Fitness/Run/Ride
  • Google Earth Tours
  • TraffiQR QR Code Generator
  • Moveable iPhone Tours
  • GPSies maps for Garmin and other GPS
  • MapCloud easy map customization
  • Nokia’s HERE Map System that powers built in car GPS
Interactive Maps

Cycling Station Smart Map

Embedded NFC sends maps to your smart phone. 

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