Maps tell stories of the world around us

Custom Maps – Interactive Maps – Printed Maps – Walking Tours

Our solutions range from

 Custom map overlays for your website

 Mobile tours with QR code & NFC integration

 Touch screen maps for wayfinding

 Distribution maps for wholesale & manufacturing

 Map corrections for major online providers

 Geocaching or wide area scavenger hunts

Map delivery via RFID tags or public Wi-Fi

Explorer the world around you

Interactive Maps

Put your map where your phone is

We create mapping solutions for the mobile world

We work with many apps and providers such as

  • Google Maps, MapQuest, Open Maps
  • Wikitude Augmented Reality Mobile App
  • Map My Fitness/Run/Ride
  • Google Earth Tours
  • TraffiQR QR Code Generator
  • Moveable iPhone Tours
  • GPSies maps for Garmin and other GPS
  • MapCloud easy map customization
  • Nokia’s HERE Map System that powers built in car GPS
Interactive Maps

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